Krysten Ritter—Female Superheroes


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For those of you who don’t watch Chelsea Handler’s new show on Netflix, I highly suggest you start. Chelsea’s signature sarcastic disposition backed by an exceptional production company helps to create this newsworthy MUST WATCH show!

A few months ago, Chelsea hosted guest Krysten Ritter another Netflix star on her own fan-tab-u-lous show Jessica Jones! Yes, I’m a Neflix Nerd and I’m not afraid to say it. WELL on the show Krysten explained her hesitations behind taking a role as a female superhero. The truth is from Captain Marvel to Gamora, the one common thread amongst these women, is the absence of actual clothing. Cat suits, LOW v-necks and even a few cut-outs are what support these ladies on their epic adventures.

Look, the over sexualization of women in society is not new NEWS by any standard. And, the stereotypical female role probably won’t change all that much in comics any time soon. But, it’s women like Krysten Ritter who come forward and denounce the cat suits, the latex and the push up bras. The ones who stand up and tell the world “I can be a badass b*tch in a pair of ripped up jeans and combat boots”, that motivate us. The ones we as women, mothers and members of society are proud to rally behind and someday together, create a change.

Check out the links below for some background on this topic!

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