Essie's Hour of Love began as a journey to share stories of love.
Since our inception, we’ve discovered LOVE is far from a simple topic; it’s neither easily
explained or represented in one form. Love is passion, it is respect, it is dirty, it is honest,
and it is beautiful. Love has a voice, it has a background, and it has endless potential.
And, what love means to you is what we’d love to learn.

Photography by:  Christopher DeMairo

Photography by: Christopher DeMairo



Sees the world as a story not yet told.

How many times have you moved? 18
Biggest accomplishment to date? My friends. They’re incredible.
Fun fact? I did stand up (once, accidentally).
Worst date? When I find out weeks later that it was an actual date.
Favorite body part? My ears. Funky little things.



Sees the world as a life to be learned.

Favorite vegetable? Cauliflower. Best served fried.
Word you use most often? "YAAAASSSS!"
Fun fact? I despise belly buttons.
# of drinks it takes to get me buzzing? 2 ima cheap date.
If you could be an animal what would it be? Beluga Whale (I ♥ whales)



Sees the world as a lens for imagination.

Do you have all fingers and toes? For now.
Word you use most often? "Hungry"
Album you would save in an apocalypse? Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder
Fun Fact? I have a blue birthmark.
Worst date? I took an edible and lost feeling in my hands